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These Moments Given. The compositions of Kate Bush. More info

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Welcome to, providing resources and observations on contemporary ceramic practice. The content of this website ranges for example, from an on-going discovery of novel and traditional surface techniques (Surface Therapy), ceramic book reviews, and accounts of what you might find in public galleries, (What we've seen) – all found in the ‘Archive’ pages. There are listings of ceramic-centric galleries and venues and notes on selected current exhibitions in the ‘Working Resources’ menu. 

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Latest artists collaborating with our website.

Daniel Skeffington

Ceramic Artist and Blogger

Recent exhibition 'Sweet'. Artsite Gallery. Camperdown, Sydney Australia

Val Gordon

Ceramic Artist

Using a watercolour 'painterly' effect

Pete Steggel

Ceramic Artist and Technician

Carbon Trap Shino

Genie Casis

Ceramic Artist

Recent installation 'Belonging + Becoming' at Gosford Art Gallery. NSW Australia



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